Hullo and welcome to the world of intoGardens

We first tumbled into the public eye last autumn when we published the first episode of our pioneering and heartbreakingly gorgeous app for iPad. The principle being that the adaptability and screen resolution of the iPad was perfectly suited for showing off gardens.

As a result we now have four seasonally adjusted episodes (as well as a couple of spares) available for your delight from the App Store. They are packed to the gunwales with gloriously photographed gardens, delicious plants, witty and informative writing, reviews, readings, films and shopping. It is undoubtedly the sexiest thing to happen to gardening since Monty Don first unbuttoned his jerkin.

The next stage was to spread ourselves about a bit further in order to bring this experience to more people so we invented an iPhone and Android app which works as a notebook, aide memoire, photography app and teacher. All in one neat little package.

Our next port of call is the site through which you, dear reader, are currently browsing. We wanted to bring our particular content to the widest possible audience while we were waiting for the whole world to own a tablet!

We are also available through our YouTube channel which is neatly stacked with informative films on such diverse subjects as pinching out dahlias, chicken wrangling, pond dipping and the art of trampoline maintenance.

Tell us if you want to be involved, would like to appear on the site, have any formal (or informal) requests or want to say hullo. We can be emailed, Tweeted or Facebooked by clicking on the many scattered buttons.

We hope you enjoy the trip.