Amazing grains

from classic to contempoary, wholesome recipes for everyday

Author: Ghillie James

Pictures: Jonathan Gregson

We think

Goodness what a lot of grains, who’d have known?  This book is a hefty tome in more ways than one and it takes some time to penetrate.  It also required an expensive and heavy trip to the local health food shop.  However, as is so often the case, the initial effort paid off in spades, or should that be ladles?

The cover is somewhat reminiscent of a 1970’s women’s magazine, but the inside is a clearly and beautifully produced affair with a high proportion of attractive photographs.  It kicks off with a comprehensive history and description of a truly amazing array of grains; I would usually skip this section, even in a novel I can’t be doing with a prologue such is my hunger to get on to the main course.  But for the readers of intoGardens I was prepared to go the extra mile and now amaranth, chia seeds, freekeh and kasha have slipped into my vocabulary, larder and cooking pot.

We love

The ultimate superfood salad with feta and mint seemed like a good place to start and if I tell you that I have since made it two more times you will get the idea.  The instructions are clear and easy to follow and the results have been popular with everyone.   So what we have here is something easy to make, healthy (= virtuous) and a cheap way of producing bulk and goodness.  The roast tomato and pepper salad with almonds, wholegrain rice and lentils, was so easy and filling, either on it’s own or to accompany grilled chicken or similar, I am recommending it to our student son.

This book has also transformed my breakfast options, with alternative recipes for granola, mueseli and even porridge.  What I particularly like are the variations the author has included encouraging us to adapt the dishes to our own particular tastes and store cupboards.


I know I whinged earlier about the expense but that was only because I bought every grain under the sun!