Sweet Peas for Summer

How To Create a Garden In A Year

Author: Laetitia Maklouf


Publisher: Bloomsbury

We think

It’s very easy to think pretty face, what does she know?  But stick your prejudices where they deserve to go because Laetitia Maklouf knows her early clematis from her big flowereds and can take any amount of root cuttings, no problem.  She’s also accomplished that enviable task of turning a typically bleak back garden lawn into a flowery, veg filled inspiration in a year.

Tricks of the trade include plenty of wigwammed pots to give the impression of height, hanging baskets for fireworks of colour, climbers that sprawl merrily over raw trellis and raised beds to make growing flowers and veg easier.  Best of all is her no frills approach to getting stuck in and drawing up your own plan.

We love

Laetitia makes it all so eminently do-able.  There’s nothing precious and overly bossy here.  So what if you’ve never gardened before – follow her advice and you’ll manage just fine.

Plants are plonked in, seedlings watered, you do your best and, come summer with the roses out and feathery fennel wafting in the breeze it’s time for a drink and a well-earned rest.  Quite so.


We’re struggling to find one.  Great production, lovely photos, nice projects.  But if you want your garden to look this good you’ll have to stop reading about Laetitia’s.