The Wild Weather

Loads of things to do outdoors in rain, wind and snow

Words & Pictures: Jo Schofield and Fiona Danks

Publisher: Frances Lincoln

Review: Ava Milne

We think

Wild Weather is a very fun book and it certainly made me think again about going out in wild weathers especially rain.  Every project is exciting and different from the kind you would usually get in outdoor books.  There are all sorts of projects – there are making projects, building projects, simple, fun projects and even eating projects.

The ideas are aimed at all ages.  For example Stuck in the Mud is an excellent game for younger children because before you grow up you don’t care about ruining clothes or getting so messy that you need at least 10 baths before you are clean again.  Igloos and natural shelters are good for older children because they give you a nice challenge.

We love

My favourite project is making mud slides because nothing is better than sliding down the mud and getting absolutely filthy – very refreshing and satisfying.  Mud castles is also an exciting project because even people who think they couldn’t make a single creative thing in their lifetime will have fun making this and it will always turn out brilliantly.

This book has definitely inspired me and I hope it will inspire everyone who gets the chance to take a look at it.


There needs to be more safety tips, for example on making fires it doesn’t say you need an adult and on mud pies it doesn’t say that you should keep an eye on younger children so that they don’t try and eat the mud pies.

Published by Frances Lincoln, ÂŁ9.99 paperback.
Also available across Kindle and Apple platforms.