for the iPad

Do you have an iPad? if you do then all this loveliness spread out before you is just the beginning. We have the world’s most gorgeous iPad app for you. It is a glorious amalgam between magazine and app bringing you great writing, video, inspiration and amazing photography. We bring you big names and gardens from all around the world. There is advice on growing flowers and vegetables, topical tips, book reviews, readings and so much more. Once you have bathed in the glory of intoGardens nothing will be the same again.


Multi-media content

iPads are multi media tools so we are able to go beyond the usual pictures and text which limit traditional magazines.

  • Video – many of our practical features include specially commissioned films to bring them to life. Pinch out the video to view it in full screen
  • Audio – look for a play button on selected book reviews and you can hear the author reading extracts
  • Web – there are links throughout the writing which will take you online to find out more about subjects, people or places


intoGardens is chock full of inspiration and ideas so we have a scrapbook built into the app which travels with you from episode to episode. Tap on the scrapbook icon when you have a picture you want to save and file it under whatever heading you wish, move it, resize it and generally play about with it to your heart’s content.

Hot Spots

You will occasionally see blue spots within a picture on the App. These are ‘hotspots’ and tapping on them will reveal more in-depth information about that particular feature, place or planting scheme.


The iPad is a glorious way to view photographs which is why so many of our features are picture led with writing linked to each shot, rather than the other way round. You can right swipe to move pictures along whilst a tap will take away the text allowing you to gaze upon the images unencumbered. Another tap will bring it back.

Tap to buy

There is tap-to-buy functionality throughout the app. So, if you hanker after a particular plant or garden accessory, then simply tap on the wheelbarrow icon and either put it on your list for later or buy it straightaway from the supplier’s website.

Frequently asked questions

Subscription issues

Some users have reported problems downloading episodes having previously bought a subscription. A fix for this is now available on by downloading the latest version of intoGardens from the App Store. Please delete the old app before downloading and follow the on-screen instructions. If you experience any further difficulties, please do email us at

How often is intoGardens published?

intoGardens has been published quarterly to date. However, for the next twelve months we are planning a joint Autumn/Winter episode and Spring/Summer episode before returning to quarterly publications in Autumn 2014 (the annual subscription price has been altered accordingly).

This decision has been made to allow time for the iPad market to expand and the online magazine subscription model to grow. This expansion will give intoGardens a larger potential reader base to warrant its quarterly, and then bimonthly publication.

Can I give someone intoGardens as a gift?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to give someone intoGardens as a gift as it is classified as an ‘in app purchase’. However, you could give someone an iTunes voucher with a strong suggestion that they might wish to spend it on this excellent app.

Is intoGardens available on the iPhone?

intoGardens has a sister app – Gardens – which is available for the iPhone and android phones. This is not a version of the intoGardens episodes but rather a free app which allows you to take pictures and add captions within the app; no more juggling camera and notebook when photographing a new plant. The second part is even more exciting: a series of ‘Magic Parcels’ : some free, and others which can be purchased. These will cover every aspect of gardening from planting and propagation to lawn care and pruning. This app is also available for Android phones.

Is intoGardens available on android devices such as Samsung Gallery, Amazon Kindle and Google Nexus?

At the moment intoGardens is only available for the iPad. However, we are hoping to develop an Android tablet compatible version in the future and in the meantime our sister app, Gardens, is available for Android phone.

I have an iPad 1 - can I download intoGardens?

iPad 1 users may have issues using some features. This is because of the amount and quality of photos and videos on the intoGardens app which is simply too great for the memory capacity of some iPad 1s. For this reason we advise people on our page in the App Store that intoGardens is ‘compatible with iPad 2 or later’.

The App Store keeps asking me to purchase intoGardens but I’ve already paid – what should I do?

If you purchase an Episode, but then delete and reinstall the intoGardens App, the App Store will ask you if you want to purchase the Episode again. Do not worry. Once you input your details, the App Store will realise you have already purchased that intoGardens Episode and are simply downloading it again. If you have bought a subscription and delete and reinstall the intoGardens App, you will need to click back on ‘Subscribe’ and then chose the ‘Restore All Purchases’ option.

Will intoGardens work on the iPad Mini?

Yes, intoGardens episodes can be downloaded onto the iPad Mini – and, may we say, they look rather fine on it too.

I can download the free sample, but can’t seem to buy an Episode or subscription?

This will happen if you have not enabled In App Purchases on your iPad.  You can alter this by going to “Settings” then selecting “General” and “Restrictions”.