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Webby Awards 2013 Official Honoree

intoGardens has been selected as an Official Honoree in the 17th Annual Webby Awards in the Lifestyle category. With 11,000 entries received from all 50 US states and over 60 countries, the Official Honoree distinction is awarded to the top 15% of all work entered that exhibits remarkable achievement.

Crocus Plantsman's blog

Gardening with an iPhone

James Alexander Sinclair

If you are one of the many millions and are also interested in gardens then I have hot news: there is a new app called, for simplicity, Gardens which should amuse you.

The Spectator

At last: your chance to make me a kept man

James Delingpole

Columnist James Delingpole would like to be a kept man. And his plan?  It involves everyone buying intoGardens.  No really. It does. We’re not making this up. Have a look.

The Wannabe Plantsman


Rob Stevens

Rob’s addiction to luscious images has reached new levels with intoGardens’ exceptional drool inducing lusciousness. According to the good Mr Stevens, ‘Given how good issue one was I’m fully intending to purchase a very reasonably priced subscription’. What more could we ask for?

The Sea of Immeasurable Gravy

A Very Shameless Plug for Into Gardens App

Arabella Sock

Where would we be without the delightful mrs Sock? Nothing shameless about plugging intoGardens, and naturally ‘the gorgeous James Alexander-Sinclair’ will forever be extremely nice to you. The review is accompanied by ‘fabulous flying Beardielves’, and delightful lyrics to an intoGardens song, to the tune of Telephone Man. Oh, and a photo of that dishy Matthew Wilson…

Oxonian Gardener

Garden Retail Industry - Cybernation or Hibernation?

Petra Hoyer Millar

Small but mighty mention. In the paragraph aptly titled ‘Garden Futures’, she writes ‘a few bright sparks have joined forces with the creators of the iPad application, IntoGardens. IntoGardens, an interactive, image and content rich garden magazine, where desired plants, seeds, books and garden tools can be purchased from garden businesses such as Otter Farm, direct from the application’. Bright sparks indeed.

Evening Standard

Buy it: ultimate garden app

Delightful headline, couldn’t have put it any better ourselves. But it gets even better, ‘THE first garden publication designed specifically for iPads has just arrived. Part magazine, part app, intoGardens has inspiring photographs, gorgeous plants, fruit and veg tips, global gardens, projects from the UK’s top designers and even plot-to-plate recipes’. Very happy. Thank you.


A New Gardening App for the iPad


Lovely review documenting not just all she likes about intoGardens but James Alexander Sinclair’s driving abilities as he astutely reversed his car into a hearse that very morning.