for Android or iPhone

The world of intoGardens is even bigger than this site. If you have a smartphone (Android or iPhone) we have a very useful app for you. It is called simply, Gardens, and does a couple of things. Firstly it allows you to label and catalogue your plant photographs making it much easier to keep track of things. Secondly, we produce regular ’Magic Parcels’ which are neat little nuggets of information on lots of garden subjects. These include hints, tips and instructional videos about Growing, Propagation, Ponds, Birds, Weeds and much more. The smart phone is becoming as essential to your gardening life as a ball of twine or a pair of secateurs.


Magic Parcels

These are bolt on packages which give you ‘How To’ videos, pictures and information about specific garden tasks introduced by experts. There are also shopping links within the parcels so you can tap-to-buy plants and products straight away.

Free Photography App

With Gardens you can take pictures of plants, caption them and then either save them in your personal scrapbook on the app or distribute them to your friends through email or social media. No more struggling with a wet notebook if you are out and about looking at gardens and want to remember the name of a plant.

Frequently asked questions

How long does it take to download a Magic Parcel?

Most Magic Parcels are around 20-30GB in size so it is best to download them where you have access to WiFi. Downloads should only take a couple of minutes with a good connection but will take considerably longer if done over a 3G network.

I can download the app, but I can’t seem to buy any Magic Parcels. Why?

This will happen if you have not enabled In App Purchases on your device. You can alter this by going to “Settings” then selecting “General” and “Restrictions”.