iPad Support

Do you have a question?

Good. Here at intoGardens we always welcome inquisitive minds. We’ve tried to answer some of the more frequently asked questions below, but if you don’t find what you’re looking for, please do contact us directly at info@into-gardens.com

Subscription Issues

Some users have reported problems downloading episodes having previously bought a subscription. A fix for this is now available on the App Store – intoGardens (version 2.1).  Please delete the old app before downloading and follow the on-screen instructions. If you experience any further difficulties, please do email us at info@into-gardens.com

An annual subscription will include the current episode as well as the next three. However, the issue above may affect people buying a subscription at this time. Please do contact us if you have any problems with this.

What’s New in Version 2.0?

  • Twitter and Facebook sharing from scrapbook
  • New issue browser page
  • New home button
  • Expanded grid pictures work on an endless loop

I can download the free sample, but can’t seem to buy an Episode or subscription?

This will happen if you have not enabled In App Purchases on your iPad.  You can alter this by going to “Settings” then selecting “General” and “Restrictions”.

Will intoGardens work on the iPad Mini?

Yes, intoGardens episodes can be downloaded onto the iPad Mini – and, may we say, they look rather fine on it too.

The App Store keeps asking me to purchase intoGardens but I’ve already paid – what should I do?

If you purchase an Episode, but then delete and reinstall the intoGardens App, the App Store will ask you if you want to purchase the Episode again. Do not worry. Once you input your details, the App Store will realise you have already purchased that intoGardens Episode and are simply downloading it again. If you have bought a subscription and delete and reinstall the intoGardens App, you will need to click back on ‘Subscribe’ and then chose the ‘Restore All Purchases’ option.

I’ve downloaded the latest intoGardens and now I have no pictures on my other intoGardens episodes?

Before downloading the Winter Episode, you must first delete your current version using the dustbin icon within the app and then download the new version. Do not worry: any pictures saved in your Scrapbook will reappear. This has happened because there was a bug with the previous version and you will not need to do this again for future episodes.

I have an iPad 1 - can I download intoGardens?

iPad 1 users may have issues using some features. This is because of the amount and quality of photos and videos on the intoGardens app which is simply too great for the memory capacity of some iPad 1s. For this reason we advise people on our page in the App Store that intoGardens is ‘compatible with iPad 2 or later’.

Is intoGardens available on android devices such as Samsung Gallery, Amazon Kindle and Google Nexus?

At the moment intoGardens is only available for the iPad. However, there are plans to develop an Android tablet compatible version later on this year.

Is intoGardens available on the iPhone?

intoGardens is now avaliale for the iPhone. This is not a version of the intoGardens episodes but rather a free app which allows you to take pictures and add captions within the app; no more juggling camera and notebook when photographing a new plant. The second part is even more exciting: a series of ‘Magic Parcels’ : some free, and others which can be purchased. These will cover every aspect of gardening from planting and propagation to lawn care and pruning.

How often is intoGardens published?

intoGardens episodes are currently published quarterly. However, it is planned that the publication will be bimonthly in 2014.

Can I give someone intoGardens as a gift?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to give someone intoGardens as a gift as it is classified as an ‘in app purchase’. However, you could give someone an iTunes voucher with a strong suggestion that they might wish to spend it on this excellent app.

When I try to play videos in full screen mode, the app closes - why?

There was an iOS6 bug in the initial version 1.0 of intoGardens which prevented users of this operating system viewing the videos in full screen. A fix for this was uploaded back in October 2012 and you can access this by downloading the latest version from the App Store.

No pictures?

After uploading this new version some users have found they have no pictures. This is because you must first delete your current version using the dustbin icon within the app and then download the new version.

If you have a query, please do drop us an email at info@into-gardens.com and we will do our very best to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.